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Updated: Jul 21

The Black cosplay Boosters community would like your support in ending the harassment of Black cosplayers.

"Being Black comes with so many challenges. Becoming a cosplayer on top of it only adds to them." -Erin Moore (Author)

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As the Black cosplay community has grown, so has the number of critics of the craft. Black nerds, or blerds, face criticism from a young age. We’re considered “other” for our interests in fictional worlds. Not “Black” enough for those we grew up around but not allowed in spaces made to admire our fandoms because we’re Black. Those who grew into cosplayers constantly fight to belong in those spaces.

"We started this group and it's movements because we love what we do as cosplayers and hate that we're severely limited in being appreciated solely because we are black. We deserve to be celebrated just as much as any other person who loves a character enough to emulate them without the constant looming fear of being harassed and targeted for the crafts we love."

-Mr. Tetris (Founder/CEO of black Cosplay Boosters)

As cosplayers, we aspire to bring our favorite characters to life. We study details and origins, figure out looks, and do whatever we need to do to execute our visions. The feeling of completing a cosplay is pure elation. The outfit is together, the accessories are how we want, and we take our pictures to show the world what we made. Posting to social media is usually the final and most daunting step.

As with anything, posting a cosplay to social media brings out the internet trolls and keyboard warriors. People come to comment sections with unwarranted opinions and slurs. The most popular is “You can’t cosplay them, they aren’t Black” or “Are you the Black (insert character name)?” Both of these are exhausting and hurtful to hear. There is a severe lack of representation of Black people in pop culture. There are popular Black characters but not nearly enough to build a cosplay catalog of. Also, only cosplaying within your race isn’t a requirement. Anyone can cosplay any character as long as it’s respectfully done. These comments are ways to further exclude Black people from nerd spaces and make us feel inferior even in our hobbies. We’re not good enough to cosplay characters with fair complexions. We get called dirty, monkeys, and racial slurs. We get hate pages made simply to mock us and how we look. There have been some cosplayers who were bullied so much that they leave social media.

The harassment Black cosplayers face is unfair and unending. We’re told to cosplay only characters we look like which leaves few options, and even when we do we’re critiqued on details or the interpretation we chose. There is no pleasing everyone but when you have your own community calling you the Black Ariel or calling you weird for wanting to dress up in the first place. Body shaming is an issue as well. Plus size Black cosplayers get twice the ridicule simply because they don’t fit society’s unrealistic beauty standards. They get told not only is their skin the wrong color but that their bodies aren’t meant to cosplay characters with smaller frames. Any body type can cosplay any character and more people need to understand this.

In this country Black people have always had to create our own spaces to be seen and appreciated. Cosplay is no different. We deserve to have our work seen, shared, and appreciated as much as any other. Black Cosplay Boosters works to do just that. Any Black cosplayer, no matter their method, shade, or body type can receive support. We are creating that safe space for cosplayers and utilities to share their work and be happy in their hobbies, rather than constantly defending themselves. The goal is mental, public, and digital security for the entire community.

Black Cosplay Boosters Non Profit is asking for your financial support.

Cause: African American cosplayers and cosplay utilities are constantly harassed in public and online everyday because of the color of our skin. Not only by those of different complexions but by some of our peers aswell, who also look down upon us because of our nerd based passion. Due to these systematic beliefs it makes it extremely difficult for us to properly display or profit off our passion.

Solution: Black Cosplay Boosters has created a digital safe space and would like to expand this space to the public. We intend to attend every cosplay based convention both domestic and abroad to provide a location for black cosplayers and black cosplay utilities to commune, organize, and network. With our limited resources we are working everyday to provide mental, public and digital security for those within this community. We are also going to be supplying free custom cosplay costumes to aspiring cosplayers.

Where your money goes:

1. Administration and Legal Fees

2. Transportation and stay for our community recruited staff who oversee our safe spaces at conventions

3. Digital Subscriptions to programs and software needed to maintain and organize our digital presence.

4. Hardware for our volunteer staff to maintain our digital and physical presence.

5. Transportation vehicles for our staff at conventions and events.

6. Free Costume Commission Giveaways for cosplayers within the community

7. mental health & Security personnel

Thank you for hearing us out and if you wish to support our cause then CLICK HERE If you are interested in partnership, sponsorship or an inquiry not listed please reply or send us an email at

If you are a black Cosplayer or are interested in learning more about us:

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